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Groundhog Day

February 2, 2022 Groundhog Day. I am currently sitting in my bed with my gold soft fluffy blanket scrolling Instagram and dreaming of warmer days. It is currently 15 degrees out with several inches of snow on the ground. I took the kiddos sledding today and it was a blast, even in the freezing temperatures I enjoy being outside in the (cold) fresh air. Somehow, they managed to actually play outside for 2 hours today. I sat in the car for a little bit with the little ones to warm up and then head back out for another sled down the town dike. We don't have too many hills in Kansas, so we have to get creative. Lucky for us here in Halstead there is a dike they built up around the Little Arkansas River, so we have our very own built-in hill perfect for sledding. After the kids decided they were done we went home to warm up by the fire. My amazing husband, Jason, made the best pot of chicken and noodles it was just what we needed to round out the perfect Snow Day. So here I am updating my website and planning out my garden for spring and what seeds need to be started in the next couple of weeks dreaming of warmer days.

I am a person who loves all seasons, but I cannot lie I am so excited for this spring and my first year of having this business and the potential that lies ahead. I am excited to meet new people who are passionate about flowers as well as people who just want to brighten someone's day by purchasing some pretty flowers. I have already witnessed such an encouraging supportive community in this flower farming industry it is inspiring. I am just ready to get this party started! I am ready for colorful flowers, birds chirping, and getting my hands dirty in the garden. There is something so refreshing about the smell of fresh dirt. Or maybe I am just weird, haha either way I am ready. And according to the groundhog spring will be here in 6 weeks!!!!!

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