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Christmas the most magical season aside from the blooming season of course.

Let me start off by saying Christmas is my favorite holiday. It truly brings out the sentimental side in me. I instantly go back to the feeling of Christmas morning as a child. The excitement and pure joy of being with family and just feeling the love. I try to make sure that is what I bring to the table for my family but that isn't easy. This day in age we are expected to bake all the amazing treats of Christmas and buy the perfect gift, while working and cleaning and volunteering for the community events, wear the ugly sweater, decorate The house from the ground up the list goes on and on. Life is just BUSY this time of year. I am not someone who likes to complain, I am a go getter and love the hustle and bustle, but I also need to learn to say NO and slow down. Embrace the beauty... my slogan for my business but also my slogan in life.

SLOW DOWN, be present in the moments and focus on what truly matters. I am in fact way behind on my Christmas shopping and have yet to wrap a single present. It is December 22! BUT I am not going to stress it, if I get it done then great, and if it doesn’t guess what? Nothing is going to happen. My kids may receive their gift in a Walmart sack and love it all the same. I am not going to sweat the small stuff. Unfortunately in my 37 years of life I have had to experience the loss of far too many loved ones and have been witness to far too much heartache due to the loss of the a loved one gone too soon.I have had to learn that there is so much more to the holidays. Being together and sharing the love is what matters most. So while I want to have the Hallmark Christmas I will be settle for our dysfunctional chaotic Christmas. Even if that means we are wearing dirty socks on Christmas day because I didn't have time to wash another load or opening presents while we order a pizza so we don't have to cook. Or presents coming out of a black trash sack! (My huband’s idea) Or instead of picking out the perfect gift they all get gift cards. I will be grateful!!! I will sit back and enjoy the magic of the season. I will embrace the beauty!!!! Because at the end of the day being together is what matters. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Happy Holidays.

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