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A new (scary) beginning

Why are new beginnings so scary? Here we are starting this new business and it’s scary. I should say here I am starting a new business. It was all me, LINSEY FARMER, that’s me! ( my husband 100 percent supports me but he had no desire to grow flowers) So let’s start at the beginning. November 2019 I had life figured out. I was currently working at a job I LOVED, secretary at an elementary school. I had the best boss who always allowed me to put my family first and who was very positive. He is an amazing principal!! So anyways, I was pregnant with our 6th baby and I had things lined up for when baby was born, daycare, returning to work, and all that jazz. I was enjoying the kids and all their activities. Jason’s business was doing amazing and he was working hard providing for us. Things were going perfect. Well one day I went into work and ended up going to the hospital and not being able to come home with pregnancy induced hypertension. I was only 28 weeks and they wanted to keep me till I was 34 weeks and then they would deliver the baby. Well I made it 2 weeks. So we had our sweet little baby boy, Ike Shea, at 30 weeks. He spent 34 days in the NICU. It was so scary and overwhelming but the doctors and nurses were all so amazing and kind, not to mention very smart and good at what they do. They helped our baby grow strong and love on him when we couldn't be there.

Ike came home on January 3, 2020. We were finally complete. We could all be together. No more mom being gone every night to go take care of baby Ike in the NICU. All together under one roof. It was pure bliss… until Ike started acting funny. His temperature was dropping and in preemies it can mean they have a virus. Since they have no body fat to maintain their temperature. I took him to the doctor on January 6 only for him to be diagnosed with RSV. He was admitted immediately considering he was only 4lb 9oz and not even to his true due date, they wanted to be extra cautious with him. He started to decline over the next few days. Ike ended being put on a ventilator and being in the Wesley PICU for 16 days. It was one of the worst times in our lives. We didn’t know if our baby was going to make it. He slowly fought his way back, once again! He came home on January 19. Only to the world a buzz about this new virus. COVID-19!!!! Talk about scary. My baby almost died from being delivered too soon then a respiratory virus about took him from us and now you’re telling me there is a new unknown respiratory virus out there that might kill him. March of 2020 we went on complete lock down at our house. No one was allowed to go anywhere except on walks outdoors with me or Jason. No friends over, no sports, no school, not even shopping at stores. The world as we all knew it was changed, and probably forever in so many ways. We learned so much about each other and we were able to slow down and embrace the beauty of life. We went hiking, planted a garden, went on walks about everyday, we talked about our hopes and dreams and we truly were able to appreciate the things we so often took for granted. It was a very bittersweet time for me. As a mom having all my babies at home with me safe and sound watching them all bond was one of the best feelings I have ever had but also seeing them long for that social connection and strive for their outlets such as sports was hard to witness. Once life started moving towards normal again I was able to reflect on what was important to me and where I was able to find my calm and center. It was then I knew it was when I was in nature. Being one with the ground, dirt, water, sun, trees and of course the flowers. I loved growing them and sharing them as they would bring joy to others. One day I happen to be on Instagram and saw a story a friend had shared about a local flower farm selling fresh bouquets since it was an outdoor event I thought I would take my kids. That day changed my life! I found myself in complete awe and an overwhelming feeling of peace and serenity washed over me while I was there at their farm. It was magical, and I knew that is what I was meant to do. So here we are …

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